Ode From My Notes App

Students and teachers share juicy tidbits from their notes app.

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Students and teachers share juicy tidbits from their notes app.

“It’s a page of how many pounds I can bench press titled ‘Lifting God’ so I can keep track of my progress.” —Elizabeth Kolbasko, sophomore

“I have 13 + 25 = 38 on my notes app.” —Zariya Kardar, junior

“In my notes app, I have a note titled ‘Vulgar words and phrases of different languages.’ The catch: there’s only one foreign word in the note. ‘Sitzpinkler,’ German for sit-pissers (men who sit down to urinate). The insult is German slang for ‘wimp.’ I don’t know how I found that word or why I chose to save it in the Notes app, but it’s there for some random reason.” —William Haratsch, junior

“I have my Global notes [from] remote learning: it says ‘1/12/21, the idea of democracy, the cornerstone of western civilization, greatest ideas liberty, freedom, taken the words of Ancient Greece and white washed it, seen what we want and not what happened.’” —Sophia Zheng, junior

“During the pandemic, I wrote journal entries every day, including this entry which I wrote the day I found out I got into Stuy: it says ‘just remember that it will all help in the future and that I know I hate it when everything is about the future, but you’re strong enough to make it to the future and live the life you have worked so hard for.’” —Kaileen So, sophomore

“I have a list called ‘Possible Wedding Songs for My Mom,’ with things like ‘Tequila,’ ‘Just a Dream,’ and ‘The River Flows in Me.’ I also have a list of ways my sister has wronged me, like an entry from 2016 when she used to try to shower before me whenever I really wanted to go first.” —Ada Liang, junior

“I have a note dedicated to my significant other with interesting conversations we’ve had that I want to remember. I also have a really long list of like, reasons I like him, and at the bottom there’s a link to his father’s property records that I found online (To clarify, I’m not stalking my partner—he knows I found them).” —anonymous, sophomore

“I like to save texts and excerpts I like in my notes app. Here’s a funny text from my sibling: ‘My mantra as I’ve gotten older: The only thing working hard ever got me is more work.’” —Lauren Stuzin, English teacher

“I guessed my friend’s crush list.” —Quainat Mariam, senior

“When I have an interesting dream, I type it up on my notes so I don’t forget.” —Janet Tong, sophomore

“My workout for the swim team.” —Catherine Wijaya, sophomore

"One of them is a [line from a] story I wrote for Dungeons and Dragons: ‘But the third time they twisted and the boy’s ass fell off.’” —Maximilian Mamykin, sophomore

“In my notes app I have pickup lines that I wrote to my ex in middle school. One of them was, ‘Your hand is looking a little heavy. Want me to hold it for you?’” —Madelyn Nunez, freshman

“‘Can I have the ipad please’ and then I AirDropped it to my sister.” —anonymous, sophomore

“I have a list of anime recommendations for others. Though my number one recommendation would definitely be Link Click. You should go watch it!” —anonymous, freshman

“Babysitting makes me want to take all the birth control pills in the world and blend them up into a nice smoothie then chug it until my entire uterus falls out of my body.” —Ruby Friedman, senior

“‘List of Karaoke Songs:

Safari song, Boyfriend, Moral of the story, This is a man’s world >>>, Feeling good >>>, Ny state of mind, My funny valentine, Bound to you, Fly me to the moon, Call out my name, Best part, Heartbreak anniversary, Dream a little dream, Little miss perfect, All the things she said, As the world caves in, Chokes, Do it all the time, Absinthe, Leave me alone, Breakfast, Fire on fire,

Baby boy kevin abstract, Ol frenchie, We are young, River lullaby, Bleed magic, Gave it away, Jasons song, michelle, Too close, Lullaby of birdland, Tell me its okay, WSP (girls and the gays)’” —Dinah-Luba Beylison, junior

“I have a locked note that has a message that I considered sending to my friend when we were in a fight. It’s essentially a long rant.” —Dhara Shridharani, freshman

“I have a note of me writing down every time I cried this year (I stopped around April, but I got the idea from a TikTok, called Spoticry Wrapped or something).” —Jane No, freshman

“I have a whole slow-burn fanfiction I wrote when I was 12” —Dylan Chin, junior

“I have a note from May of this year, which was a plan for a thing I wanted to make and upload online. I had all the characters listed, but I didn’t get much further than that, it’s been sitting dormant in my Notes for a long time” —Scott Chu, freshman

“Notes from the time my computer crashed:

White screen

Hold off button for 10ish seconds to close

Re-opened right after

2 thick red vertical lines to the rightish of the screen

Radeon settings thing reopened

White screen again

Held close button again for 10ish seconds

No red lines”

—anonymous, sophomore

“I have people’s locker combos… that I stole.” —anonymous, junior

“A bunch of Wi-Fi passwords” —anonymous, junior

“Food choices from local eateries.”—Glen Chew, math teacher