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It’s Senior SING!!

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Hollywood! Land of arrogance, entitlement, and shows with outrageously high budgets: this theme ticks all the boxes for Senior SING! 2020. The show kicks off with a rendition of “Starships,” which is not the inspirational anthem the seniors seem to think it is, and segues smoothly into a scene on the red carpet.

Thereafter, Evil Fancy Nancy aka Super Fan (Emily Rubinstein), conspires with her goons after a painful rejection from her icon, Hollywood heartthrob Skye Porter. From there, she goes on a kidnapping rampage, entrapping the stars of bratty director Rowan Carter’s (Cecilia Bachana) new movie one by one in the days leading up to the highly anticipated People’s Choice Awards.

After the initial few scenes, there isn’t a whole lot of room for plot, presumably because Senior SING!s nine (nine! (nine!)) dance crews take up most of the airtime. The seniors also spent a lot of time breaking building codes by cramming more seniors on stage than will attend class after SING! is over.

At the end, Director Carter (sorry—Rowan) is redeemed, less by virtue of a developmental arc than an instantaneous teleportation/desperate need to resolve plot, from a callous, self interested spoiled child to striking a caring and parental figure for her cast, whose shared ordeal being trapped in the Hollywood H can’t make up for the lack of chemistry between them.

Miraculously, Skye Porter (Zeynep Bromberg) brings a GPS into the Super Fan’s lair, a last-minute “gotcha” card which, depending on your viewpoint, is either a stroke of genius on her part or a piece of very, very lazy scriptwriting. Either way, the cast is reunited for the People’s Choice Awards, which ends with—sorry, we got cut off for time.