New Tech Room Open to Students

The administration turned the former Big Sibs Office in the Student Union Room into a Tech Room for students to work in and ease the crowd around the printing station.

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By Sasha Socolow

Around the school building, Stuyvesant offers many student workspaces such as the library. Recently, the administration turned the former Big Sib Office in the Student Union (SU) room into a Tech Room, serving as a new workspace with technology for students to use.

The Tech Room contains a desk spanning the length of the room with four computers and a print station. “With the content in there, [the room] is really focused toward just working on assignments or printing something out,” junior and SU Vice President Ryan Lee said. “It’s a nice room where students are able to do a bunch of different work.”

The administration created this space to address crowding near the print station on the second floor and as an additional student workspace. “I don’t think there’s any official purpose, but there was definitely a need, based on the number of students using the print station, and backups in lines of kids trying to print things in the morning, so it’s to help ease that,” Assistant Principal of Health, Security, and Physical Education Brian Moran said. “It’s an extra space for students to get work done considering the library is at capacity just about every period.”

Though it has only recently opened, a few students have already stopped by the Tech Room to take advantage of its resources. “I like that the [Tech Room] has a computer and a printer we can use aside from the printing station,” junior Lianne Ohayon said. “It’s a good place to come and finish up any work you have during your frees.”

Given its location, many prefer the workspace to the printing station. “I like that it’s more secluded than the printing station so it’s easier to get work done, and I also like that there are seats so you can sit down,” senior Ellen Pehlivanian said.

While the Tech Room was only recently transformed into a new workspace, some students have suggested additional supplies to further improve the room. “Office supplies, say for example a stapler [...] would be a great addition [and] different office stationery. For example, pens,” Lee said.

Pehlivanian added, “I wish we could add maybe some outlets so people could charge their phone or their laptop while they are doing their work.”

The administration hopes that the change will be a helpful addition to both students and staff and that all students will feel welcome to use it. “In the past, some students [did not use the room and] either didn’t know that [the room] was kind of [for] the Student Union or were maybe a little intimidated because upperclassmen tend to hang out in there,” Moran said. “There was an opportunity to give both students and staff more space. I think that that space could be utilized for students, and I hope it is.”