New Student at Stuy, Y/N Pt. 2

A sequel to New Student at Stuy, Y/N, Y/N goes to a Whole Foods study session for some steamy academic cramming.

Reading Time: 7 minutes

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By Vanessa Huang

Hey everyone! Thanks again for reading my fanfic. I’ve had so many people come up to me talking about how much they appreciate the last chapter. I’ve also had people threaten me for a part two… so here it is! Make sure to read or reread part one if you haven’t done so already here: If you want part three, let me know peacefully. Note: I may or may not be accepting bribes (much more effective than threatening messages!). Thank you.


At the top of the long flight of stairs sits the Whole Foods cafe. A Whole Foods employee sits at the entrance.

Employee: Receipt?

Karen: Yeah, here it is.

She shows a faded receipt that looks like it has been in her pocket for over a year. You guys have never shopped at Whole Foods, though. You give her a confused grimace, to which she responds with a wink.

Employee, looking at you: And the other one?

Karen: They’re with me.

The employee nods and lets you into the cafe area. As you walk in, you see that the tables are all three to six feet apart for social distancing. A crowd of Stuyvesant students is in the corner studying, rendering the social distancing policies useless. You see a tall student going around the room removing earbuds from people’s ears because it is a “study session.” Guess that’s Brian Moran, #1 Love Interest’s friend.

#2 Love Interest: Karen! Y/N! You’re here!

You see #2 Love Interest waving at you. Just as you are about to wave back, you see this new person sitting right next to them. Their arms are around #2 Love Interest’s body. What the hell? You thought you and #2 Love Interest had something special going on.

Karen: Hey #2 Love Interest! Hi (insert the person you hate the most in this entire school, your archenemy).

#2 Love Interest: Hi Karen and Y/N! So glad you could make it.

Archenemy: Hey you two. I don’t think I’ve met Y/N before. Are you new to Stuy?

Y/N: Yeah, I just got into Stuy through nepotism.

Archenemy: Oh, I think I’ve heard of you before. I’m Archenemy! #2 Love Interest’s babe.

You look at #2 Love Interest with a confused look.

#2 Love Interest: Ex-partner. I’m not your babe anymore. And anyway, you should leave. Don’t you have robotics practice?

Archenemy frowns and examines you. They snicker.

Archenemy: So what’s your relationship with Y/N then?

#2 Love Interest: Y/N? They’re just a friend.

Did you really just get friend-zoned…? This is just like what Adrien Agreste from “Miraculous Ladybug” says about Marinette. Just friends in the end. Wait, if #2 Love Interest felt like that, maybe you were overthinking your relationship with #1 Love Interest too? Maybe the two of your “love interests” fought in the cafeteria because #1 Love Interest was genuinely just worried about someone else touching you. Like how people are worried about their friend’s safety and stuff. Your brain starts to hurt.

Archenemy: Okay fine, I’ll leave. This study party is for dumb losers who fail their exams anyway. You better watch out, Y/N.

Archenemy walks away with their head held high. You look at #2 Love Interest as they shake their head.

#2 Love Interest: So sorry about Archenemy. We broke up a while ago, but Archenemy keeps wanting to get back with me even though I don’t like them anymore. Anyway, do you two want to sit with me and study for APUSH? I heard from some seniors that the next in-class DBQ exam is difficult.

Y/N: Actually, I’m thinking of sitting somewhere else today. Just to get to know more people. Karen can still accompany you though.

You look at Karen with an encouraging look.

#2 Love Interest: Sure, see you later.

As you leave Karen and #2 Love Interest alone to their APUSH studies, you start to get worried. You’re not feeling too good about future romantic prospects with #2 Love Interest. They didn’t even seem interested in you anymore, and they didn’t stop you when you left to meet other people.

You shake your head. No more overthinking today. You’re going to make some new friends. As you walk around the room, you see seniors frantically filling out college applications, editing essays, and crying together. The scene looks absolutely horrendous. You’re glad you’re not a first-term senior. As you get to the back, you see #1 Love Interest on a sofa, reading all alone.

Y/N: What’re you reading, #1 Love Interest?

They look up from reading and hold up “Hamlet.”

#1 Love Interest: I’m reading this for my Writing in the World class. My teacher wants us to memorize and recite a part of it in class.

Y/N: Oh yeah, the “To be or not to be, that is the question,” right? I read that last year at my old school. I can give you some pointers.

#1 Love Interest nods eagerly and shares the book with you as you sit down. An impressive number of Post-It notes filled with translation and interpretation notes line the outside of their book. Reading through the notes, you’re thoroughly impressed. #1 Love Interest is definitely a hard-working intellectual.

As you two read through “To be or not to be,” they accidentally move their hand far enough to slightly touch yours. Your face flushes bright red. You can hear them breathing through their mask. A slight breath, in and out. Your shoulders suddenly touch. Your heart beats faster and faster, louder and louder. Gosh, what if they can hear your heartbeat? That would be so embarrassing.

#1 Love Interest: Hey, are you okay? You look a bit red.

They put a hand on your burning forehead.

#1 Love Interest: Maybe you should take a rapid COVID-19 test? It looks like you might have a fever.

Y/N: Oh no, I’m not sick. It’s just really hot right now.

#1 Love Interest: Yeah, for sure. You could take off your sweatshirt?

Y/N: I can’t… I don’t have anything underneath.

#1 Love Interest: Oh.

You both sit in awkward silence. Luckily, the alarm you set on your phone suddenly rings.

Y/N: Sorry! I need to go home. Curfew is 8:00 p.m., and my commute takes two hours. Good luck on your recitation, and sorry for not being able to help more. And thanks for inviting me here!

#1 Love Interest: Yeah, no worries. You were a big help. See you next time?

Y/N: Yeah, see you later.

You jump out of your seat and rush to find Karen. She’s still sitting at the table with #2 Love Interest. You see the two laughing together, and Karen is tapping #2 Love Interest’s biceps.

Your face falls. Were you overthinking again, or was everyone you saw with #2 Love Interest flirting with them? Maybe you shouldn’t have left Karen alone with #2 Love Interest.

Y/N: Hey, you two. What’s so funny?

Karen: Oh, it’s nothing. We were just reading the Humor articles from issue nine of The Spectator. Humor just never misses.

#2 Love Interest looks at you indifferently.

#2 Love Interest: I saw you being all chummy with #1 Love Interest over there by the couches.

Were they jealous? No way, you two aren’t even a thing yet.

Y/N: Oh no, we’re just friends. Just like how you are with Archenemy. Haha.

#2 Love Interest frowns a little. Oh no. Wrong move.

Y/N: Karen, I think we should go. I gotta get home before curfew.

Karen: Um, actually, I’m going to stay here for a bit longer. I need to cram for that APUSH test too. You should leave first.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see her winking at #2 Love Interest. What in the world happened between the two of them while you were with #1 Love Interest? Whatever, you have to leave or your mom will yell at you.

Y/N: Sure, that’s fine. Good luck on that test.

Before they could respond, you rush out of the cafe and dash to the 1/2/3 station. Though you got to know #1 Love Interest a bit more, you also have some doubts about #2 Love Interest. But maybe you were overthinking. It’s not like these two asked you out or anything.

As you finally get to the subway station and walk down the stairs, someone suddenly taps your back, making you jump in surprise. You look back to see #1 Love Interest drenched in sweat and panting loudly. They kinda look good, all shiny. And sexy as always.

Y/N: Ah! You popped out of nowhere. Why are you here?

#1 Love Interest: Haha yeah, I ran to talk to you before you left. I have something to ask.

Y/N: Ask away.

#1 Love Interest hesitates and looks away. Moments later, they look straight at you with those dark, passionate eyes you saw in the morning.

#1 Love Interest: Are you going to the Whole Food’s study session tomorrow too? I’d love to talk to you more about “Hamlet.”

Y/N: Sorry, but I don’t think so. My mom doesn’t like it when I stay out after school too much.

#1 Love Interest: I see… then wanna hang out at Barnes & Nobles during lunch tomorrow? We share the same period.

Y/N: Like… a date?

#1 Love Interest laughs.

#1 Love Interest: Yeah, you could call it that. You down?

Y/N: Sure! I’ll shoot you a text on Messenger.

#1 Love Interest nods and walks away while they wave. You feel like you’re floating. Maybe a Stuy student can indeed find love in this seemingly love-deprived environment. You walk into the station and scan your MetroCard, just in time to watch the 2 train close its doors. You missed your train, but you don’t mind. All you can think about is tomorrow’s date.