New Student at Stuy, Y/N

Y/N starts a new life at Stuyvesant…. and possibly a brand new spicy romance with two of the hottest students at school?

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You walk across the Tribeca Bridge for the first time as you watch the other students frantically filling out their health screenings and taking out their student IDs. It’s the first time you moved out of your small rural town where all of your friends lived. You see hundreds of Stuyvesant students on the bridge—many of them studying while others stare at their phones.

As you walk into the school building, a random girl stops you.

Random girl: Hey! Are you Y/N? I think you’re supposed to be with me.

Y/N: Who are you? How do you know my name?

Random girl: Hi, I’m Karen! I think I’m supposed to be your tour guide if you're the new student. Welcome to Stuy! I’m surprised to hear that you got into this school. We usually don’t accept people in the middle of the year, especially sophomores.

Y/N: Yeah, I got in because my father has connections with an administrator.

Karen: Oh… nepotism? I mean, that’s some good Spec content. We can start our tour before second period starts.

You both walk past the weird senior hangout section and you pretend to listen to Karen as she rambles on about the 11th-floor pool until you notice this kid by the “senior atrium,” or whatever they call it. They’re wearing all black and reading a book. Looks like a thriller. They’re… kinda hot.

Y/N: Karen, who’s that student by the window?

Karen: Hm, I think that’s (pick your crush or something idk). They’re a senior and notorious for being a pretty antisocial “bad boy” type. There was a rumor that they beat up a senior when they were just a freshman. You should steer clear of them.

Honestly, that’s kinda sexy. It’s good to know that there’s only a two-year gap between you two, or else you would’ve given up on them by now.

#1 Love Interest suddenly looks up from their book and stares directly at you. They walk up to you, lean against the nearby wall, and push their long, silky hair back slowly and seductively.

#1 Love Interest: Hey, are you the new student?

Y/N: Y-yeah. I’m Y/N.

#1 Love Interest: You busy tonight? My friend Brian Moran is holding a crazy study session tonight at Whole Foods. It’s gonna be lit. You should come.

Y/N: Um… I’ll think about it.

They nod, wink, and walk back to read their book. You and Karen hurriedly walk past the second-floor bathrooms.

Karen: Oh my god, #1 Love Interest personally invited you to the study group! The only thing I was ever invited to was the Big Sib-Little Sib dance.

You look at her with a confused look but decide not to ask any more questions. #1 Love Interest was just so dreamy. Their sexy voice and fierce, passionate eyes were all you could think about. You both continue walking until another stranger approaches.

Stranger: Hey Karen! What’re you doing right now?

Karen: Oh, hey (pick a second crush’s name you have. DON’T LIE I KNOW YOU HAVE ONE)! Y/N is a new student at Stuy, and I’m just helping them tour the school.

They look at you with a bright smile. You feel your face flush.

#2 Love Interest: I hope you like our school so far! I’m #2 Love Interest, a junior. If you have any questions, let me know!

They’re wearing red Spectator merch.

Y/N: Yeah, I’ll consider it.

Shoot. They’re kinda cute, too.

#2 Love interest: Great, gotta get back to APUSH. Bye!

They’re even taking AP classes! That is so, so attractive.

Karen stares at you as you watch them walk away for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Karen: Heyyyy you like them or what?

Y/N: Hell no.

Karen: Sureee whatever you say. I heard they’re going to the study party too…

Y/N: Whatever, I’ll consider it.

Karen: Ok, let me know when you decide ‘cause I’m too scared to go alone.

She skips ahead and continues as you blank out the entire tour. People at Stuy are interesting…


For the rest of the day, you sit in the back corner of the classroom, invisible to others so no one talks to you. But these nerds don’t know how to socialize anyway.

As you enter the cafeteria for lunch, you text Karen through Messenger. You thought Facebook was for boomers, but apparently, all the students here use it to communicate. As you walk to find a table, you realize that you have no friends and that Karen is the only obligatory friend you have, and that Stuy kids are strange. Some are doing work. Others are huddled around a singular Nintendo Switch screaming at each other. Some upperclassmen with shirts reading “Big Sibs” are bullying the poor freshman in the corner. You grudgingly sit on the radiator alone. This sucks, and your butt is burning.

You’re eating your sad mozzarella sticks when you see a large shadow on the floor and feel a tap on your shoulder. You look up to see #2 Love Interest staring at you.

#2 Love Interest: Hey you’re Y/N, right? Wanna come sit with me and my friends?

You both walk to the table with their friends. As you settle in, you start to notice more things about #2 Love Interest. Their kissable, soft, glossy lips and that puffy, soft hair you’d die to touch and rub your face on. Exactly your type. You zone out as you stare at them.

But suddenly #2 Love Interest turns and looks at you… actually for a long time.

#2 Love Interest: Y/N don’t move.

They get out of their chair and lean towards you. Your heads are getting closer. You see their lips getting closer to yours. You close your eyes and lean your body slightly. Are they about to kiss you?

#2 Love Interest: Got it!

You open your eyes to see them holding a napkin with marinara sauce.

#2 Love Interest: You got some of the sauce on your shirt. But I got it now!

You blush bright red. What were you thinking? Did you really think #2 Love Interest was going to kiss you? You should’ve known that Stuy students don’t have romantic game.

#2 Love Interest: Oh wait, I think there’s some sauce on your lips.

They reach out to wipe your face when suddenly #1 Love Interest steps in between you two and grabs #2 Love Interest’s arm.

#1 Love Interest: Don’t touch Y/N again or you’ll deal with me.

The cafeteria becomes silent. You see #1 Love Interest holding a fist tightly, ready to swing a punch.

Y/N: Hey hey, this is nothing to fight over. I’ll just wipe the sauce off by myself.

You grab a wipe.

#1 Love Interest looks at you, glares at #2 Love Interest, and walks away. Silence.

Y/N: Um hey, I gotta get to the next class. See you later.

#2 Love Interest: Oh okay, bye.

You quickly pick up your trash and try to quickly throw everything out, but a student who claims to be from the Environmental Club tells you to recycle properly. Ugh, that was so embarrassing… but hey, two of the hottest students at Stuy were fighting over you.


After school ends, you attempt to go to Whole Foods using Google Maps. It was only after 30 minutes of wandering helplessly and asking for directions on the Dear Incoming Facebook group that you found out there was a cafe on the second floor. What kind of supermarket has an upstairs?!


You see Karen all tidied up with a fresh pair of clothing, cheery as ever.

Y/N: You’re looking good today. Who are you trying to impress at Whole Foods?

Karen: Don’t be ridiculous, I’m just trying something new from the two Spec hoodies I cycle through. Let’s go. #2 Love Interest said they would be at the back, saving us a seat.

As you walk up the staircase, you see someone familiar. They kinda look like #1 Love Interest, but you can’t tell. Tonight is gonna be… interesting.


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