New AP Courses Being Offered at Stuyvesant Next Year

An introduction to the new AP classes offered for the upcoming school year, and students’ reactions to them.

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Though it has not yet been officially announced in any way to the student body, some may have noticed when filling out the Talos AP course selection form that new options for AP classes have been added to the list. After negotiating with the College Board, Stuyvesant High School has decided to launch new APs this upcoming school year. These AP courses have never been offered at any other high school in the entire nation before. This is a brand-new attempt that the College Board and Stuyvesant High School are making to bring more diversity into the academic lives of students. The new classes being offered are as follows: AP Rizziology, AP Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Studies, and AP HoYoverse Studies. Since these courses have never been offered before, they were only available to students with overall GPAs of 99—those most capable of adapting to unfamiliar course material—which is why many may not have seen these courses listed for them. In this article, we will briefly introduce each course and discuss students’ reactions to the newest academic experiment Stuyvesant has to offer. 

With the greatest number of students selecting the course as their first choice, AP Rizziology is undoubtedly the most popular among the new courses. This class was offered to rising juniors and seniors. In this course, students will learn about the history of rizz and its changes and continuities over time, different forms of rizz and regional variations around the world, and the application of rizz in modern American society. This course will be taught by Ms. Yang, who is well known as the rizziest teacher at Stuyvesant. The AP exam for this course will have two parts, with the first part being 69 multiple choice questions and the second part testing real-life application of rizz skills, where students will be required to rizz up at least 20 people in one hour and 30 minutes. Those accepted to the class expressed their excitement to take this course next year.

“I can’t wait to learn how to be more rizzful next year!” rising junior Cricket Fu squealed.  “I will master the art of rizz and become the brightest red flag in this school.”

Rising junior Koi Zavialova echoed Fu’s sentiments: “I already have enough rizz, but you know, the more the better,” Zavialova said, laughing. “Watch me rizz up every hottie I see next year.”

While AP Rizziology was only open to upperclassmen, AP MBTI Studies was offered to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, is a self-reported questionnaire that sorts people into 16 different personality types based on how they perceive the world. The questionnaire sorts people by assigning them a value out of two in each of the four categories: introverted/extroverted, sensor/intuitive, thinker/feeler, and judging/perceiving, producing a four-letter result like “ENFP” or “ISTJ.” Students in this class will get to dive deep into the nature of each personality type, gain an understanding of what factors motivate them, and learn how to interact with them in daily life. When asked about his thoughts on this class and his acceptance into it, rising sophomore Albert Shen, who is an INTP, answered, “I think it’s nice that they’re offering this class. It’s cool! I like MBTI and it would definitely be awesome to study this topic in school. I just hope the teacher doesn’t give homework… ah, yes, that’s the ‘perceiving’ part of me not wanting to do work.”

AP HoYoverse Studies, with a particularly compelling curriculum, has many interested students who do not qualify for the class due to their GPAs; the programming office has already received countless waitlist requests. This course is offered to students of all grades. It will be taught by Mr. Lu, who previously taught Algebra II. This class will allow students to immerse themselves in video games developed by the game company HoYoverse (formerly known as miHoYo), such as Honkai Impact 3, Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, Tears of Themis, and many more. Students will also learn about the history of miHoYo, from the development of the game engine, “misato,” and the creation of miHoYo’s first game, FlyMe2theMoon, to the viral popularity of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail around the globe, tracing the continuous influence of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion on all of the HoYoverse games.

“I’m really looking forward to learning in this class because I love Genshin and Star Rail. I think this class will allow me to meet more people who share this common interest, and then we can simp over all the women together,” rising sophomore Luxi Zuo commented.

“So I get to grind my daily in class?” rising junior Tiffany Yang asked thoughtfully.

Despite the change in AP offerings being sudden and unexpected, the reaction of the student body has been generally positive. The students have recognized and embraced the value of these courses in terms of academic enrichment and college preparation. This proactive approach to providing a well-rounded education has fostered a sense of appreciation and respect for the administration among the student body. After the AP exams for these courses, students’ scores will be closely examined to decide whether these courses will be offered again. Knowing that taking an AP course—especially a new one—is a great intellectual challenge, we wish good luck to everyone who will be taking the new courses. Hopefully, most of the students taking these AP exams will get satisfying scores so that Stuyvesant kids in the future may also have the opportunity to become a red flag, learn how to stereotype a person’s personality at first sight, and grind Honkai: Star Rail in class.