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Meet Raymond Allie and Derek Zang, members of the boys’ lacrosse team.

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Name: Raymond Allie

Grade: 12

Height: 5’11”

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: July 1, 2005

Name: Derek Zang

Grade: 12

Height: 6’0”

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: September 16, 2005

1. When and how did you start playing lacrosse? How long have you been on the Peglegs, the Stuyvesant boys’ varsity lacrosse team? 

Raymond: I started playing lacrosse my junior year, so I am relatively new to the sport. I’ve been on the Peglegs as long as I’ve been playing lacrosse. 

Derek: I started playing lacrosse during my freshman year at Bronx Science, but due to COVID-19, we only had about a week’s worth of practice. I didn’t know that Stuyvesant had a boys’ lacrosse team until the fall of my junior year, and I joined that spring. 

2. What position do you play, and what skills/strengths are involved?

Raymond: I play midfield and take face-offs. In order to play these positions, you have to be fast and have endurance, coordination, and a good reaction time.

Derek: This season, I switched over to playing attack. I lost all of my stamina, but I like to believe that I bring a sense of composure and finesse to our team’s offense. My outside shot has improved, but I continue to score most of my goals around the crease.

3. Do you have a most memorable/proud moment with the team?

Raymond: When we beat Long Island City High School this year. Last year, I scored my first lacrosse goal against them, but we still lost the game. They were an obnoxious team, and we were glad to get our revenge.

Derek: When we played Murry Bergtraum this year, I tried to score a one-handed, lefty shot while diving from the back of the net. My coach yelled at me because I missed, but it was still a pretty fun moment. 

4. Are there any short-term goals you’d like to accomplish in the next month going into the end of the season and playoffs?

Derek: I would like to win our last few regular season games by a [wider] margin so that we can get the juniors and underclassmen some more playing time. Personally, I also want to bump myself up a few slots on the PSAL’s goals-scored leaderboard. 

5. Do you have any plans to continue the sport in the future or in college? 

Raymond: Probably not. I don’t see myself playing for college.

Derek: Probably not. I got exposed [to colleges] during the events I went to over the summer. I will try to play some club lacrosse, though, in college. 

6. What are the best and worst parts of lacrosse?

Raymond: The best part is the feeling when you score a goal; it is absolutely exhilarating. However, the worst part is messing up a play when your team is counting on you.

Derek: I can’t say that I embrace the more physical aspects of lacrosse, as I know many of my teammates do. However, it is a sport that gives you a ton of freedom to do cool moves and skills on the field. 

7. Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals?

Raymond: Rubbing the balls of the bronze Wall Street Bull.

Derek: For most games, I show up a bit late because I have Computer Graphics 10th period. On those days, I don’t get time to warm up, but I’ve found that watching highlights on Instagram or TikTok during the commute can sort of get me in that zone.


Funniest Teammate: James Romano

Playing on Full or Light Stomach: Light stomach

Favorite Sports Drink: Prime Hydration

Favorite Post-Game Snack: Popeyes

Brand of Cleats: Nike

Hobbies: Hand-spun pottery

Jersey Number: 2

Motto to Live By: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Fun Fact: When I was eight, I broke my arm at chess camp.


Funniest Teammate: James Romano

Favorite Lacrosse Team: PLL Redwoods

Favorite Lacrosse Player: Michael Sowers

Playing on Full or Light Stomach: Empty stomach

Favorite Sports Drink: Gatorade Zero

Favorite Post-Game Snack: Gummy bears

Brand of Cleats: Nike

Hobbies: Golf, watching TikTok

Jersey Number: 71

Motto to Live By: To each their own.

Fun Fact: I’m pretty good at snowboarding.