LAX to the MAX!

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An Interview With Isabela Seitz:The Stuyvesant Huskies finished last season with a record of 7-5 and qualified for playoffs. This year, they are hoping to return stronger and place higher in their division, giving them a higher seed. Senior and captain Isabela Seitz had 24 goals and six assists, playing in all 12 league games last year. Leading the team with junior and fellow captain Emory Walsh, the Huskies have an exciting season ahead.Grade: Senior
Height: 5’3
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blonde
DOB: 12/14/2001
1. When did you start playing lacrosse?

I started playing lacrosse in the fourth grade—first outside of school and then all the way throughout middle school. When I came to Stuyvesant, I didn’t join the team freshman year, but then I started from sophomore year and onward.

2. Do you play in a club outside of school?

Before Stuyvesant, I played outside of school on a club team starting in the fourth grade. It gave me a chance to branch out from the people that I knew, and it introduced me to a new sport that I will always love to play.

3. What are your goals coming into the season for the team?

We have a lot of new girls and a new coach this year. My goal this year is probably for us to become a collective unit and do well together as a new group.

4. What do you hope to improve within your own skills this season?

I definitely want to be more offensive this year, and you always want to communicate better. I always want to improve my accuracy for shooting, and I also want to pass more. Being as aggressive as I can is something else as well.

5. As an athlete, how have you juggled sports with work?

I would say it's a little different for me; I already play a year-round outside of school: hockey. So freshman year, I didn’t play lacrosse because of hockey. The transition into the Stuyvesant workload happened when I was only playing one sport. Therefore, when I started playing lacrosse, the transition wasn’t as hard, and I already adjusted myself. The balance is always hard. You are sometimes doing work until midnight or at school. It’s just a hard balance being a student-athlete.

6. Tips for how to handle the balance?

Something I used to have trouble with is putting school before sports. A lot of athletes I know get caught up with how important their sport is, but I always believe that school should hold priority.

7. Proudest moment so far?

For me personally, it was when I scored my first goal on the field last year. It was really fun, and I will always remember that. It was a pretty solid moment! For the team, I’m always proud of every win, but what the team does collectively also makes me proud.

8. Funniest player or moment?

The funniest player on the team is going to have to be Mai Rachlevsky. She’s like a mood-lifter for the team. You always have that one person on the team who can bring the team together with laughter, and Mai is that girl.

9. Something you are going to miss?

I’m going to miss the sport itself a lot, but I will also miss the community. Both sports I play are team sports (lacrosse and hockey), as I love just the social aspect of teams. You are with the same 20 girls every day, and you grow together. Furthermore, as a senior, I often lend advice to the younger girls on the team. I’m going to miss the friendships that I made while being part of the team.

Choice drink: Milk
Favorite food: Pasta
Motto to live by: You miss 100 percent of the shots you do not make.
Fun fact: I play ice hockey outside of school!