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Lady Whistledown’s Triumphant Return

A recap of Season 2 of the Netflix series “Bridgerton,” told by Lady Whistledown herself.

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Dearest Gentle Reader,

It is I, Lady Whistledown. As the ton returns from its hiatus in the country, this well-esteemed author is compelled to fill you in on this season’s scandals and betrothals. Viewership has reached nearly 193 million hours, and it is obvious that all eyes were on the marriage market this season. After the Duke and Dutchess’s love match last season, it was now Viscount Anthony Bridgerton’s turn to find a wife. It was rumored that he was looking not for love like his sister and mother were, but rather for a loveless marriage with a well-mannered lady. Perhaps he might have found what he was looking for in the Queen’s proclaimed diamond of the season, Miss Edwina Sharma, or in a surprising turn of events, her sister, Miss Kate Sharma. The pair, sponsored by Lady Danbury, had traveled far from India to find a match for Miss Edwina Sharma.

The love triangle between the Viscount and the Sharma sisters provided a delicious scandal this season, something that this author does enjoy. There was so much impropriety that this vigilant author could barely keep up! Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton hold my greatest admiration for their skill in tranquilizing this scandal. However, this was not the only shame the Bridgerton family experienced this season. Rather than following in the footsteps of her duchess sister, Daphne, Eloise Bridgerton was seen mingling with radical feminists, much to her suitors’ disappointment. She had even been in correspondence with a printer’s apprentice!

While the Viscount and Kate Sharma were indeed a successful love match, there was also a lot of despair this season. The late Viscount’s death and its profound impact on his eldest son Anthony sparked much sympathy. However, this author questions whether it was necessary for the creators to make this season so depressing. The two sisters perfectly embodied the sibling rivalry trope whilst making me shed a few tears with their emotional displays of love for one another. They flawlessly acted out the ups and downs and the pressures that come with being thrust into a high society like ours. As for the Viscount and his new bride, the chemistry between the two was immediately obvious, making their romance quite beautiful but slow to develop. Though I enjoyed the long courtship that the Viscount and Miss Kate Sharma endured, even I began to tire of it after so much time.

As for me, Lady Whistledown, this season was not without its challenges. It was difficult to keep up my act under the prying eyes of my best friend Eloise Bridgerton. I was obliged to attain a partner in crime, the modiste Lady Delacroix, to help me distribute Lady Whistledown papers. Additionally, my family, the Featheringtons, faced many hard times as well, with our cousin arriving in the Americas broke. We had hoped that he would arrive and save our family from near financial ruin, but we were dismayed when he showed up without a penny to his name. Though I didn’t have much luck in the marriage market this season, I felt great joy at keeping to the sidelines and seeking out gossip for my loyal readers.

The ballrooms were not only full of drama, but also full of beauty and elegance. My distinguished partner, Lady Delacroix, had styled the ton beautifully again this season. Her incorporation of Indian fabrics and patterns into the dresses of the Sharma sisters was a wonderful way to celebrate their culture. We have seen such a delightful spread of Indian culture from our esteemed guests, including the beautiful Haldi ceremony performed before Lady Edwina’s marriage ceremony. Despite such unfortunate marital proceedings, the portrayal of Indian culture is still much appreciated, and I especially enjoyed the most elegant South Asian jewelry and bangles on display. This season, as well as the last, has seen such a unique take on stories of this era, subverting long-held stereotypes. Indian representation, and diversity in the ton in general, is one way to add inclusivity to a period drama. The music these past seasons also successfully combined modernity and history. I rather enjoyed the beautiful symphonies our orchestras have compiled thus far. My favorite renditions of songs by Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus were beautifully recreated by a full brass set.

After enjoying such a carefully detailed costumery, musical set, and display of culture, you can imagine my surprise when I realized I had missed much to-do going around the ton. I do hope you can forgive me, dear reader, for perhaps you were confused yourself by the myriad of plotlines this season. Between the love triangle, my cousin’s false promises, and Miss Eloise’s rebellious nature, they were much too overwhelming, and I would have benefitted from one or two storylines that focused on our esteemed Duke and his marriage with the Duchess.

Enough about the past. As of today, all eyes are on the next season. I am quite hoping to see the second eldest Bridgerton, Sir Benedict, return to society after last season’s scandals and his current venture as an artist-to-be. I am also dying to see what becomes of Miss Eloise’s passion, both in love and in the most unbecoming subject of feminism.

Well, dear reader, that is all for today. You may rest assured that my silence has begun… I jest! I may be taking a respite from the ton’s quarrels for now, but stay on your toes, dear readers; this author will not rest until all truth is revealed.

Yours truly,

Lady Whistledown