Keepin’ Balls Out

Meet Tejas Siddaramaiah, goalie of Stuyvesant’s boys’ lacrosse team!

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By Geoffrey Huang

Name: Tejas Siddaramaiah

Grade: Senior

Height: 5’11”

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: February 14, 2006

1. How did you get into lacrosse?

I got into lacrosse through Coach Tauber. He was my football coach and recommended that I join the lacrosse team. After my wrestling season finished in my junior year, I started playing for the lacrosse team. Inspired by goaltender heroics in hockey, I tried my hand at goalie. Though I wasn’t the starter initially, I improved in all facets of the game to eventually earn my way into starting halfway through the season.

2. What’s your favorite moment on the lacrosse team?

My favorite moment on the lacrosse team was when we were facing off against the second best team in our division. We were down by three heading into the fourth quarter, so we had to create a spark in our production. Through creative cutting and passing, our offense generated open shots for attackmen and middies alike in a way never seen before by our opponents. We were able to take advantage of these opportunities to claw our way back into the game to force overtime, scoring four goals in that quarter.

3. What’s your pre-game ritual?

After the coin flip and handshakes to start the game, I run into the crease but stop right before touching the goal line. I then turn around and mark off the crease area with my stick. Finally, I hit both adjacent pipes of the goal with my pole, spin my stick one time, and get into my ready stance.

4. What’s the hardest thing about lacrosse?

I would say the hardest thing is fighting through the pain. If you ask anyone on the team, they would tell you about the bruises and cuts that covered their arms and legs. Since the sport allows us to check with our sticks, injuries accumulate throughout the season. Even as a goalie, when I do come out of the crease, I also get checked on the hands and arms. I also have to deal with getting hit by rubber baseballs going 70 miles per hour right into my legs, but over time, the stinging does go away. Still, persevering through the pain makes you a stronger person in the end. I would say that lacrosse is hockey but with half the equipment and double the grit.

5. Do you have any plans for lacrosse in your future?

Last summer, I played in a rec league through ULAX with some of my teammates. It was a fun experience, and I learned a lot more about the sport and the great people trying to grow its reach. Once I start university, I will probably try to join my college’s club league. But I’ll make sure to come back to Pier 40 to help with practice whenever I have the chance.

Fun Questions:

Funniest Teammate: Cody Wong

Preferred Drink: Water

Pregame Song: Eye of the Tiger

One thing you need postgame: Popeyes, with the team