Humor Editors Flabbergasted as Writers Actually Decided to Write

The Humor editors are surprised after finding out that their department writers are actually signing up to write.

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The Humor Department of The Spectator is known for being a very lacking department, both in content and, ironically, humor. The number of articles it publishes every issue hovers slightly above the number of Stuyvesant students who get more than ten hours of sleep per week, which reached a record low this winter due to rumors of harsher anti-cheating policies. Therefore, it was not a surprise when junior and Humor editor Kerwin Chen became dumbfounded as the department writers decided to actually write articles.

“I just couldn’t believe my eyes as I logged onto my [Humor Department] e-mail,” said Chen. “People were actually signing up to write articles! Previously, the only person who wrote was [senior and Humor editor] Michael Xu, sometimes under the pen names ‘Benedict Ho’ or ‘Angelique Charles-Davis’ to make it seem like our department was functional, but I saw so many new names like ‘Tony Moh’ and ‘Victor Kuang’ that I knew it couldn’t be all Michael because he’s been too busy working on his Harvard app to write eight humor articles.”

Xu also commented on this surprising phenomenon. “I thought The Great Laszlo was playing a prank on us and writing articles, but a quick look at the low writing quality after the articles were written immediately ruled out that possibility. We are entering a new era; an era where we can finally surpass the long-loved Sports Department and reach the top of the Spec ladder, where the Opinions Department resides.”

When asked about adjusting to the new editing load, neither Humor editor was fazed. “It doesn’t matter if we have one or 20 articles,” Chen said. “I don’t even bother editing [the articles] anymore. No one reads the Humor section anyway.”