How These Ballers Be Dunkin On Everyone

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Issue 7, Volume 110

By Aki Yamaguchi 

Selene Kaehny

Height: 5’9”
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Dark Blond
Birthday: 3/16/2002

Eve Wening

Height: 5’7”
Eye color: Orange
Hair color: Orange
Birthday: 7/24/2002

1. When did you start playing basketball?

EW: I started playing in middle school for like a year, but really freshman year. SK: I started basketball when I was like eight because my whole family is crazy tall and they forced me into it. I played Safe Haven which is where I met Ally [Archer, 19’], and then I played in middle school. I didn’t play in seventh grade though because we had a 500-year-old as a coach who couldn’t raise her arms above her head and it really put me off.

2. What are your team goals for this season?

SK: To win. EW: I want to win the division and have cool apparel but we need to work on layups under pressure, passing, and transitions. All the normal things a team could improve on—we can get better at everything. SK: For the most part, layups and free throws is the thing we miss the most often.

3. Is there anything you want to improve on for your own skills?

EW: I want to be able to shoot in games. SK: Me as well, I was able to do that for one game but now I can’t anymore. EW: I’ll play half a game and not even shoot once. SK: I also want to be able to drive to the basket because it’s really not as scary as it sounds.

4. Are there any challenges the team faced this year?

SK: Yeah, we have a pretty short team and a young team. EW: A huge part of a talent is the new freshmen as well. We lost a lot of really key players and the players we have, we haven’t played with them as much. Though they didn’t know the plays, they did pick them up really fast.

5. What is your respective position and what does that entail?

EW: I’m the mute captain and Selene is the speaking captain. I like to run five laps but Selene like to run four, so everytime I’m like it’s okay, so we always run four laps. SK: I usually play high post on offense which means that I stand at the top of the key and make key passes to the opposite end of the court. EW: I”m a guard which means that I follow Alison [Chan, sophomore] and I’m the first to defend the other team’s player. I also help make the passing plays by passing the ball around.

6. How do you deal with schoolwork and basketball; any tips?

SK: Do your homework on the train and start your homework during free period. Take a nap because it’s worth it sometimes. Eat bananas and drink coffee. I drink coffee in the morning and then again when I get home from basketball, and then a little bit more coffee because it’s tasty, and then some caffeinated tea. That’s how I do my work. EW: For me, I love basketball so it doesn’t affect me. Everyone has sports or extracurriculars to deal with so I don’t think I handle it any differently.

7. Favorite or funniest memory?

SK: Recently, I have been taking the train with Alison [Chan, sophomore] and Savana [Yeug, freshman], and Savana just talked about how many animal deaths there have been in her life—how her grandparents used to murder bunnies and she would save these rabbits that they would try to drown. One day when Miller wasn’t here for practice, Eve and I had to lead practice. EW: Oh my gosh, I got so annoyed and so stressed out. No one would listen to me and I was just doing the weirdest things. SK: It was a great thing seeing our leadership in action. EW: Actually the funniest moment was when we were going to the game at Basketball City and usually, teams go together. We couldn’t figure out whether we should walk or take the train. I’m a walking enthusiast but Selene really want to take the train. So I was like I’m going to walk and Selene can take the train, but then I felt bad making the whole team walk with me so we let people decide which way to go. Two people went with Selene, and [Isabel] Leka, a junior, told me that that’s not a good captain move, but I was saying it was going to be fine. SK: Trust, it’s all about trust. EW: The people behind us were walking and all of sudden, they text us that they are taking a shortcut, so now, we have two groups walking and the subway group. SK: And then Sammy [Furman, freshman] was running behind. EW: She wasn’t responding, and so we didn’t know where she was—now the group is in four parts And get this, the walking group splits off again and so we have five groups and I’m thinking no one is going to get there on time; this is my first away game as captain ever and the team is in different parts. But this is what happend, Selene and all the walking groups merged right at the same time except for Sammy on the same corner. It was just so cool.

8. Proudest memory so far?

SK: Probably freshman year when I fouled out of my first game. I also fouled out of my first playoff game. VM: But she played an awesome game against Thurgood Marshall above the Wendy’s or IHOP and she had a big three at the end. SK: Even though we lost, it was worth it. EW: I was proud when after the Millennium tournament, we got ramen and then went bowling except for Selene—literally everyone came and it was so cute. I was proud because even though it was really early in the season, everyone on the team wanted to take their Thursday or Saturday off and do some nice, wholesome team things. It was all super nice.

Drink of Choice:

>SK - Coffee or Irish breakfast tea
>EW - Coffee or water

Favorite food:

>SK - French fries
>EW - Macintosh Apple

Motto to live by:

>SK - “Trust but verify”- Ronald Reagn
>EW - “Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?”—Amelia Earhart

Fun fact:

>SK - My cat’s name is Carmelo Anthony because my family’s favorite basketball team is the Denver Nuggets.
>EW - I’m addicted to big red cinnamon gum.