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We just want to help students save money for college.

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By Emily Tan

Here at the College Board, we understand that the current times have taken a toll on many students. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit students and their families especially hard, and our thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones. AP students across the world are adapting to changing situations, whether that be mentally, physically, or most importantly, fiscally. Students have been left in a place of financial instability over the past year, which is why we are partnering with eCommerce website Honey to help alleviate some of the undue stress on our hardworking scholars.

What is Honey?

Honey is an Internet browser add-on that you can, well, add on to your preferred browser to make searching for coupons easier! When you’re checking out your cart, Honey automatically searches for coupons to apply to your order.

How do you use Honey?

1. Add in Seconds*

Search up and click Add to Chrome.

2. Shop Like Normal

Honey and College Board will work together to give you the best deals possible on all your standardized testing needs.

3. Save (Practically) Instantly

Now you can apply any coupons available on the College Board website to your order!

(Not tech-savvy even though your entire schooling experience has been moved to the interweb? Or maybe you claim you’re a visual learner when in reality you just like looking at pictures? Check out Ms. Monster’s YouTube channel to see our brand ambassador’s tutorial on Honey and how she uses it herself.)

Not only have we implemented this incredible tool for students to use, we’ve also included bundle deals for standardized tests to make the most of your (parents’) money!

Savings Saturdays!

Save up to 30 percent** off any single AP test!

B(T)GO Bonanza!

Buy two SAT subject tests and get one free!***

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Answer a Calculus BC question correctly and get a coupon for your next purchase!

Not sure what to think of saving money? Don’t just take our word for how helpful it is; here are some reviews from former College Board students! Many students have found the Honey x College Board collaboration to be extremely helpful, especially during the pandemic.

“Last year I had to pay up to $564 on AP testing, but now I only have to pay $859 because of the student discount I got from Honey! That’s a $295 difference!” —Dinosauce313 on Reddit

“The Honey and College Board collaboration is great!! They finally fixed the glitch where I couldn’t click the “check out” button for my cart with the timer counting down to the site wiping out my entire order! Last time, I was forced to wait another three months until I could purchase my AP test, so this was great!” —wishxart on Twitter

“The last time I tried purchasing a Math II subject exam, I used a coupon I had gotten from the Calc BC discount promotion. I got a total of $5 off. I then went to Shake Shack and used those $5 to get fries.” —formergiftedkid on Instagram

“This is pretty cool I guess. Can I go back to my room?” —Kevin, one of our employee’s son

“Wait, we have to take SAT subject tests already?” —Anonymous junior

We realize that this is a unique and unprecedented way to address the needs of our cash cows, but our decision comes after much deliberation. The staff at College Board want to not only provide students with this opportunity at equal education but also provide students with a chance at a financial education. Learning how to save money is a huge asset to have and will surely benefit you for years to come. We only want to help students save money for college. Truly. That’s all we want. We swear.

It has truly been an honor to work with Honey in order to help people in need. Thank you to Honey for this one-of-a-kind partnership!

*May vary depending on Internet connection speed

**The inverse of 30 percent

***This bundle does NOT include any STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) SAT II exams, which are Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, Math I, and Math II