For those thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies, let me spice your life up with a bucket list of activities/challenges to complete before the end of the school year!

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No doubt the past few weeks of your lives have been exciting and jam-packed with new information as you learned the ins and outs of Stuyvesant. From where the notorious 615E classroom is to how “delectable” the school lunches are, everything is a new experience, and I hope all of you guys are adapting and enjoying the high school experience.

While I’m certain that life is starting to pick up a bit, a few of you might feel a little bit…bored. Perhaps you’re one of those incredibly brilliant students who just doesn’t find the courses academically challenging enough. Or maybe you’re one of those who are bored out of their minds from sitting in their art appreciation class. 

For those thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies, let me spice your life up with a bucket list of activities/challenges to complete before the end of the school year! 

1. Talk to Mr. Simon while wearing AirPods

One of the greatest challenges of our generation is to listen to music in the school building. However, this challenge is amplified when one is on the seventh floor, right in front of Mr. Simon’s classroom down the biology hallway. If you dare, pop in a pair of AirPods, crank up some music, and head down there to talk to him (preferably in Spanish). You get a cookie if you can keep your device, AirPods, and nerves intact by the time he lets you off the hook.

2. Belt a song in the Hudson Staircase

Despite its unpleasant rumors (some of which may or may not be true), the Hudson Staircase has excellent acoustics for the average bathroom singer. So why not belt a song in there? The song choice is completely up to you! Perhaps you would like to sing the latest pop song, or take a page from the classics and create your own rendition of a famous opera. The Hudson can be your canvas as you jumpstart your musical career while annoying all the couples holed up in there. Think about it: you’re getting your singing practice in and the couples get a free show. It’s a win-win!

3. See how fast you can make it up to the 10th floor 

Of course, we cannot have a list of challenges without a feat of pure athletic ability. In true Stuyvesant fashion, try to make it from the first to the 10th floor in the shortest time possible! Anyone with the misfortune of having classes on these floors certainly understands that the five-minute passing is nowhere near enough for the arduous journey. Prove them wrong! Go forth and dispel the stereotypes about Stuy kids not being fit! I believe in you!

4. Try every single dish offered in the cafeteria

Well, our public school system is certainly not known for its food options. A few weeks into the school year, you’ll notice that there is a rotation of food options that we get. Try them all and rate them! From the veggie chicken nuggets with sweet potato waffle fries, to the odd plantains or hummus, to the bean burrito with a heartache amount of calories, go out and explore the frontier! Bonus points if you rate them, and even more if you do so with a friend.

5. Go up to a completely random person and get a hug

Some aspects of Stuyvesant make it difficult to have a social life, from the academic pressures to everyone busily moving around with their full schedules, or following the school bells to a tee. The ultimate challenge is to go up to a random person and ask (politely!) for a hug. Five brownie points if they’re a grade above you, 10 if they’re two grades above, and 15 points if they’re a senior. Twenty points if you get a hug from a teacher, and 25 points if you manage to hug Mr. Moran. 

Good luck and happy freshmen-ing!