Double Play, Double Slay

A basketball and softball dynamic duo.

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Name: Paige Wolfing

Grade: Senior

Height: 5’ 9”

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: July 22, 2004

Name: Alison Chan

Grade: Senior

Height: 5’ 3”

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: September 21, 2004

What inspired you to start playing sports at Stuyvesant?

A: I have been playing sports for a really long time, and started playing basketball in the third grade, so going into Stuyvesant, I always knew that was something I wanted to do and everything worked out.

P: I have been playing softball and basketball since middle school. I was looking through the different sports and decided to stick with Coach Miller.

What positions do you play, and what skills/strengths are involved?

A: I play point guard in basketball and shortstop in softball. They are similar positions. I mean for point guard, I think it is really important to have a good court awareness and to know the game very well, because you are reading the offense and you need to know the game to be able to carry out situations when they happen, and you can not practice everything that will happen. It is a lot of instinctual decision making and communication.

P: My position in basketball is high or low post so basically a big defending/offensive player. In that position there is a lot of using your height and weight to your advantage. You try to use your momentum to help you throw the ball faster and a lot of it is not your arm, so both are somewhat similar and my personal build has helped me in playing both positions.

Do you have a most memorable/proud moment with the ​​Renegades or the Phoenix?

A: I still think about the Lab game. It was such a great memory because it was such a close game and to give credit, Lab has some pretty good players; we were able to shut them down when it really mattered and come through with energy from the bench. I thought it was really impressive how we were in an away game—a hostile environment because they had some crazy parents—and we were able to pull out with the win.

P: Our game against Hunter. We were in a slump and losing and I remember going up to the plate and deciding to just swing at it. I hit a home run and it set us into a really good hitting streak. The energy was brought up.

What is your strategy for constantly improving yourself (specific workouts, exercises, mentality, etc.)?

A: It is important to never get too high of yourself or to give yourself too much credit for anything. Personally I worry that whenever I do something good I don’t like to get too hype about it, especially if the game is still going on, because I want to stay focused and always improve and recognize that I am not the best player there is and there is always room to grow.

P: I practiced every day so I can get consistent with all my skills. Learning a balance between consistency but also not pushing myself too much.

How has being a captain changed your outlook on both softball and basketball?

A: As captain, you have to be more vocal with the team and really make sure everybody is in the game and focused. I think comparing my experience as an underclassmen and now as captain, it’s different because you start to worry about how everyone is getting along, team chemistry, and how everyone is feeling.

P: It has not been much different as a player or a captain. If anything, the way I try to be captain is to be friends with everyone and not feel like I have power over them. If they trust and respect me, then they will listen to me.

Do you have any plans to continue playing sports in the future or in college?

A: As much as I would want to play on the school team, I don’t think it’s realistic. However, I will definitely try to play in club or intramural.

P: I decided not to do the whole college sport process. In college, I want to continue playing basketball or softball through club sports.

How do you balance being a two-sport athlete and schoolwork?

A: It is all about time management, sticking to what your plan is, and not cheating yourself of work when you are supposed to. I usually plan out what I’m going to do in my head before I get home because it helps me stay focused, and if I have an agenda, I am way more efficient.

P: The second I go home, I take a shower and eat, and then start my homework so I can sleep as much as possible. I really value my sleep because I know I am not going to feel good without it.

Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals?

A: I have a turtle necklace that I wear for good luck. I am not that superstitious.

P: I don’t have a pregame ritual but Winnie Thompson, a freshman on the team, and I like to do a little handshake every time I go up to bat.

What is your jersey number? What made you decide that number?

A: Number 5. I don't have a cool story, but it just happened when I was playing CYO basketball in elementary school and I wanted a simple but not super popular number. I stuck with it.

P: My jersey number is 21. In sixth grade there were only a few numbers left for me to choose from, and I decided to pick 21 because I thought it was funny at the time. The “9 +10 = 21” joke was going around that time and it was the first thing that came to mind.

What is your free throw routine?

A: I do three dribbles with the basketball, and then a spin.

P: I do two dribbles, spin the ball back to me, and then another two dribbles. I call it the “Around the World Pop a Squat”.

How has playing multiple sports together impacted your relationship?

A and P: We are best friends forever.

Paige Wolfing

Funniest Teammate? Venus Wan, Isabel Leka

Favorite Sports Team? UCONN Women’s Basketball Team

Favorite Athlete? Sedona Prince

Favorite Sports Drink: Red Gatorade

Favorite Post Game Snack: Goldfish and salt and vinegar chips

Hobbies? Drawing, cooking, playing guitar

Motto to Live By: “Winning is Everything.” —Coach Miller

Fun Fact: I’m half white, half Taiwanense.

Alison Chan

Funniest Teammate? Venus Wan, Isabel Leka

Favorite Sports Team? New York Rangers

Favorite Athlete? Jason Tatum

Favorite Sports Drink: Red Gatorade

Favorite Post Game Snack: McDonalds and bubble tea

Hobbies? Chess, reading, cooking, baking

Motto to Live By: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.” —Wayne Gretzky

Fun Fact: I used to play ice hockey.