Dear Program Office, There’s Something Missing From the Course Catalog

Students suggest classes (academic or otherwise) that they wish Stuyvesant offered.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Question: If you could add any class to Stuyvesant’s course catalog, academic or not, which would you choose?

“Some colleges have classes about Taylor Swift and her songwriting, so I would add Taylor Swift Education.” —Lauren Zagarov, sophomore

“Cooking or baking.” —Ronald Chen, junior 

“Music History.” —Alma Wosner, sophomore 

“Gaming, so that you get time to destress and socialize with your friends.” —Lixin Zhang, sophomore 

“Criminology or something law-related.” —Jennifer Alam, senior 

“Queer Literature.” —Charlotte Peterson, senior 

“If I could add any class to Stuy’s course catalog, I would add a cooking class. It’s a vital skill that we need in life, and we’ll be needing it as soon as college. The cook could help those who are completely inexperienced and also introduce new meals to already experienced cooks.” —Amanda Tan, junior

“If I could add any class to Stuy, I would include a class relating to art and design theory that would consist of teaching subtopics like color theory, composition, and how to advance the basic skills of art.” —Tiffany Yang, junior

“Jazz performance or just music performance in general.” —Raymond Chen, sophomore 

“If I could add any class to Stuyvesant’s course catalog, I would recommend Excavation and Archeology.” —Arithra Saha, sophomore 

“I would add cooking to Stuy’s course catalog because it can be a relaxing class in between our academic classes and it also teaches us how to accomplish an important daily task.” —Emerie Ngai, sophomore 

“Honestly, nothing? I don’t need any more classes. Maybe a gardening class?” —Kelly Liu, junior 

“I want to add Scrapbooking. [Anonymous Senior] and I wanna start a club together and that’s what we came up with.” —James Li, junior 

“Film Studies.” —Ty Anant, senior 

“A class that teaches you life skills and how to tackle failure.” —Jareefa Alam, sophomore 

“Medicine.” —Prajusha Azeem, junior 

“Homemaking.” —Raaita Anwar, junior 

“I think learning about cars and how to drive. Also, the meaning of different signs on the road. Basically Drivers Ed.” —Sydney Wong, sophomore 

“I would say [...] cycling but with actual bicycles.” —Amy Deng, sophomore 

“I would add a sign language class. It’s a language class that many schools don’t teach, [and] yet it’s very practical.” —Srinity Rijal, senior 

“I think a course that includes ancient history. AP World History covers only after [year] 1200, and freshman global studies skips most of that stuff.” —Aeneas Merchant, junior 

“I think a cooking class would be really fun and helpful.” —Vanessa Chen, junior 

“Course exploration, something where you explore different fields and jobs. I have something in mind that I would like to do, but many people don’t, and it could give people opportunities to find something.” —Lubina Neupane, junior 

“Culinary.” —Yarza Aung, senior 

“AP Not-Crashing-Talos. Seriously guys, patience, you can’t keep crashing Talos every time something changes.” —David Chen, junior 

“More artsy things! Or even home economics for sewing and cooking.” —Ibtida Khurshed, junior