Costumes of the NFL

If you want a sneak peek at some of the best Stuy-inspired Halloween attire to be worn at the end of the month, look no further.

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It’s almost that time of the year: October 31, Halloween. You might think your favorite football players will be in the gym, practicing on the field, or celebrating with their families. However, what you might not know is that, for many months now, they’ve been meticulously planning their Halloween costumes. And they’ve been in collaboration with our very own Stuyvesant High School! If you want a sneak peek at some of the best Stuyvesant-inspired Halloween attire to be worn at the end of the month, look no further.

Aaron Donald, defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams: Three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, seven-time Pro Bowler, Rams all-time sack leader. At 6’ 1”, 280 pounds, no one is getting past this defensive powerhouse. He blocks anyone who dares attempt, which is why he’s decided to dress up as a security guard at the bridge entrance this year. Many students try, yet very few succeed in clearing these ID checks. At half past noon, the line is long. Ten minutes later, it’s just as long. Donald will don the badge and cap and channel his innate blocking ability this Halloween.

Alex Smith, former quarterback for the Washington Football Team: Ask any football fans, and they’ll tell you he is a hero. The 2005 number one pick suffered a fracture to his right tibia and fibula in 2018, forcing him to sit out through the 2019 season. He returned to the team in 2020 and was named the Comeback Player of the Year. So, he’s going as Pegleg Pete this Halloween. Peter Stuyvesant carried his own battle mark, his leg that he lost in a gruesome cannonball attack. Smith will rock the wooden leg this October, and maybe his portrait will be on the second floor someday too.

Saquon Barkley, running back for the New York Giants: It’s no secret that Barkley has had his ups and downs, just like his Halloween costume this year, the unpredictable escalators at Stuyvesant. Not only do they rise and fall, but they often just don’t work at all. Barkley suffered a torn ACL in week two of the 2020 season and is currently out because of an ankle injury. His unreliability has required others to step up, much like the escalators when they unfortunately fail. However, he can be a real lifesaver for his team, provided that he’s not on injury reserve. Apparently, Saquon’s costume is complex with a motored belt. He’s had a lot of free time.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, quarterback and tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This undeniably dynamic duo seems to never lose and never get old. They just keep coming back and winning. Brady and Gronkowski are defending league champions, a lot like the Stuyvesant girls’ swim team, the Penguins. The former won the 2021 Super Bowl, and the Penguins won their PSAL championship. Thus, Brady and Gronk will be donning Speedos inspired by the school’s undefeated swimmers. From Pirates to Penguins!

Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers: Though we all love Garoppolo, we might not all agree with his contract. He’s signed with the Niners for five years at a whopping $137.5 million, with a bonus and money guaranteed. This number amounts to a salary of $27.5 million per year. The average annual salary for an NFL player is $2.7 million, just one-tenth of Garoppolo’s. So, it’s maybe a little bold for a team that has two wins? Thus, this year, he’ll be the man at the halal cart by Chambers Street, beloved yet not cheap in his demands. Priced more than the average meal here in the city, the cart makes a hefty sum selling food. Rumor has it Garoppolo is selling L-shaped falafels with the costume.