Close Friends With Royalty

At least give every Nigerian Prince a chance.

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By Reya Miller

Hello friend,

I”m sorry to say that i urgently need help. I am a Nigerian prince Maskini Kal-El Mouwlgi from Sub-Saharan Africa and an exiled son of a royal family. I suffer from AIDS and am currenltyy hospitalised with a life-sustaining machine, as I write this urgently with no revision. I’ve deeply fatigued as an AIDS complication and I don’t gave much time left on me. i need to pay hospital bills this weak, which amounts to $3000, money I don’t have because my family have long turded their backs againgst me.

I don’t have nay relatives or famlily to turn to, as i can only send a humble plea to a stranger over the inturnet while I can still fold my head up. The life-sustaining machine es costly and using it for so long makes me feel terribel as if I’m,. suffocating people isn’t my expertise, sp i feel better communicagting with mail. So I can only ask you for a poultry sum of $3000 via Western Union to pay my hispital bills Contact me furtheer at

I was a bit skeptical at first. I’ve heard of the Nigerian Prince scam before, but a defining characteristic of them is that they’re clearly as illegitimate as poor Mouwlgi claims to be. However, Mouwlgi wrote with undeniable desperation, considering all those spelling and grammatical errors matching his ailing situation. From this, I was able to expertly deduce that it was unlikely to be a scam.

Still, I wondered, how did Mouwlgi get shunned by his own royal family? I emailed Mouwlgi inquiring so, and that’s when my sympathy for him turned into admiration. According to Mouwlgi, he was banished from his royal family for falling in love with and marrying a commoner. The two of them struggled financially with the absence of financial support from his affluent family. They lived in poverty, struggling to feed their 10 kids. His wife tried to convince him to call off the marriage so that his family might pull him out of his destitute state. However, Mouwlgi loved her too much to abandon her for his own sake, for their love was pure despite the squalor it brought along.

I was stunned by his honesty. A man so direct and shameless couldn’t have an ulterior motive! I was moved. My goal was now to help this poor man. Therefore, with righteousness in mind, under his instructions, I entered my father’s account information into the Western Union website to wire a $3000 donation into Mouwlgi’s account.

It was my first time handling credit card details and account information. It took me a good two hours with good Mouwlgi’s guidance, so Mouwlgi, being the sincere soul he is, offered to do future money transfers in lieu of my labor. Of course, I gave him all the necessary information.

Mouwlgi has been my best friend ever since. I regularly checked up on his family every other day. Eventually, he was able to communicate with me every day because to him, my companionship was the best treatment for his chronic AIDS condition. Only, I worried he may have also developed dementia because he often appears to have forgotten about his wife when I allude to her.

As our friendship progressed and Mouwlgi professed to be more financially stable, he requested to know my birth date so that he could gift me on my special day. I gladly did so, and to both of our surprises, Mouwlgi had the exact same birthday as me! It was as if we were brought together by fate. I considered him family, so I thought it was only right to tell him my father’s birthday so that together, we could collaborate on a birthday gift every year. However, Mouwlgi requested to remain anonymous in the gift’s accreditation in spite of my encouragement; his humbleness knows no bounds!

I write this article to celebrate Mouwlgi finally garnering the money to take a flight to America in search of better hospitals. The hospital bills in his home country were already paid for, thanks to me. Before he boarded his flight to America, he asked to see my father’s social security number so that he can avoid social security scams by knowing how long genuine numbers should be. Witty, isn’t he?

Yet, more importantly, I write this to dispel the myth that all Nigerian princes are scammers. I donated to a candid man and his struggling family and got a priceless friendship in return. Hence, I advise you to give the Nigerian prince e-mails a chance out of the goodness of your heart, for even royalty can have hardships.