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Chunky Sweaters and Birkenstocks: A&E’s Fashion Favorites

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Issue 6, Volume 113

By The Arts & Entertainment Department 

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Dark Academia

As a crisp chill lingers in the air and school ramps up again, the dark academia aesthetic reigns supreme. Rooted in the romanticization of gothic art and literature as well as of higher education, dark academia emanates an aura of brooding, distinguished intellectualism. Its staple pieces include a sophisticated turtleneck, a perfectly oversized tweed blazer, a shining black pair of loafers, and, of course, a pair of tortoiseshell glasses perched flawlessly on the wearer’s nose, all of which combine to be the visual epitome of studiousness and an insatiable hunger for knowledge. As the name suggests, dark academia leans into a darker color palette mainly consisting of deep browns and grays, reminiscent of centuries-old libraries and somber rainy days. This aesthetic extends past fashion—it is a lifestyle that promotes appreciation for the genius of the human mind and the beauty in academic curiosity. Dark academia’s class and elegance have cemented it as the perfect style for any scholarly student. —Dorothy Ha

Chunky Jewelry

Capitalizing on the idea that “less is more,” dainty jewelry has had its time in the spotlight, but 2022 is bringing back in-your-face chunky jewelry. Rather than embellishing your outfit with a soft sparkle that fades into the background, these loud accessories are meant to be a visible part of an ensemble, taking otherwise minimalistic looks to the next level. Throwing on some big hoops or a thick pendant necklace on top of a basic crew neck and jeans transforms an outfit, instantly making it look put together with minimal effort. Other than simply being aesthetically pleasing and easily customizable, chunky jewelry can make an outfit stylish, even if you didn't spend much time picking out your look. —Simone Raleigh


Knits are a timeless classic that have been working themselves back into the mainstream as an era of fashion defined by baggy hoodies and sweatshirts phases out. Knits offer versatility in both size and aesthetic: baggier knits can add a heavier, more laid-back feel to an outfit, while slim-fitting knits can elevate it into something more sophisticated. Thrifted knits can often feel very cozy and lived-in, while more expensive knits can be statement pieces that are sure to elevate the fit. Knits are diverse, comfortable, and easy to throw on, making them great investment no matter which direction you choose to take them in. —Lucien Clough


We’ve all seen the memes, heard “sksksksk” and “save the turtles,” and might have even participated in a spirit day built around this aesthetic. The VSCO girl is quite possibly the epitome of basic, but that’s what makes it so comfortable and accessible. This fashion trend stemmed from the photo-editing app VSCO, and consists of baggy t-shirts, puka shell necklaces, and, the piece de resistance, scrunchies. VSCO-core rose in 2019 and was fueled by the apparel of brands such as sandal giant Birkenstock, backpack stronghold Fjallraven, and athletic wear conglomerate Nike. Pulling from both vibrant hues and pastel shades, VSCO is a casual, effortless aesthetic that is simple to put together and rock. To all VSCO people out there: wear your scrunchies and save the turtles with pride. —Lianne Ohayon

1920s Fashion

Loose silhouettes framed by flashing beadwork shimmer into your eyes as you glance at the heap of extravagance present at the jazz club before you. Women’s fashion in the 1920s revolved around the free-spiritedness of post-WWI America. Victorian corsets and long gowns were abandoned for lower waistlines and shorter skirts, and hair was cut to bob length to challenge the traditional longer hairstyle symbolizing the working woman’s independence in the Modern Age. The rejection of social expectations of the decade’s fashion is alluring, but the glamor of the era really pulls it all together. Pearls and art deco jewelry alongside a beaded handbag retain an air of luxury without crossing the line of being tacky. The fabulous makeup consisted of lipstick that emphasized the cupid’s bow and thin, downward-sloping eyebrows that complimented the soft yet striking smoky eyes of the film stars of the decade. The perfect execution of social rebellion, luxury, and beauty infused every outfit from this period. —Konstantina Tsahalis


Coming out of Seattle in the late ‘80s, grunge was shot into the mainstream with the 1991 success of “Nevermind” (1991) by Nirvana. Even though the music movement that defined the style died down at the turn of the century, aspects of grunge fashion have remained in style since. Grunge is defined by its commonality and authenticity, with its staple pieces easy to find for cheap, often in thrift stores. In its more feminine form, grunge can also include delicate pieces, like babydoll and slip dresses, in combination with combat boots, ripped tights, and dark, messy makeup. Its versatility and simplicity make it even easier to style and adds to its timelessness. —Roxy Perazzo