Black Ties, Beautiful Legs, and Your Type

Issue 5, Volume 113

By The Features Department 

“I like Halloween because everyone went crazy.” —Andrew Piatetsky, senior

“My favorite day of Spirit Week was Cultural Day because I’m able to express my ethnic background freely around my friends. Cultural Day provides me with an excuse to be able to wear traditional clothing without feeling uncomfortable.” —Md Rahman, sophomore

“I think my favorite day of Spirit Week was [the football team’s] Uniform Swap on Thursday. I felt like it was basically one of the days where you got to do something very noticeable and it was one of the only days I participated in. The cheer uniforms were also kind of fun to wear with everyone’s reactions when they see you. Even though the zippers didn’t quite fit, the majority of it worked out.” —Tay Cheong, sophomore

“It’s gotta be Cultural Day because basically every brown person wore cultural clothes and everyone in general just looked super good. Also, I had an excuse to wear my cultural clothes to school.” —Kanjuda Shaika, junior

“My favorite day of Spirit Week was Twin Day because I got to hang out with my friends from freshman year and go shopping near Stuy for around two hours to dress up.” —Yoonha Shim, sophomore

“I really liked Cultural Day! I think it was actually the day [when] people were able to express themselves the most, barring Halloween. I know someone who dressed up as ‘pop culture’ and used merch from Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘SOUR’ album and it was pretty iconic. I feel like Black Tie Day was exciting in its own way, but it got a bit old (and stuffy) as the day went on. I like how Cultural Day gave people the opportunity to partake in this sort of mutual appreciation day where people could feel really excited to wear something that might give them joy and pride, while also being just for fun.” —Adeline Sauberli, sophomore

“My favorite day of Spirit Week was Stuyloween because I found it super fun that so many people dressed up, including my math teacher Mr. Rubinstein. Everyone’s always so nice to each other and it's really cool to see how creative some of these Stuy kids are because a lot of them made their costumes themselves and you can see how we’re more than just a STEM school.” —Alex DiLella, junior

“My favorite day of Spirit Week is Dress as Your Type Day because it is the funniest and you can get very creative with it.” —Chloe Tom, junior

“I really enjoyed Halloween because I loved the cool and creative costumes.” —Trystan Woutersz, junior

“My favorite part of Spirit Week was Halloween because I wore a skirt and proved to every single person that my legs were better than 76 percent of those of women.” —anonymous, junior

“Stuyloween was my favorite spirit day because I liked preparing my costume and because other people’s were funny, and some teachers even dressed up.” —Eugene Park, junior

“My favorite was Stuyloween because it was fun to see everyone dress up.” —Alice Wang, junior

“My favorite day of Spirit Week was definitely Jersey/Sports Day. I’m on the golf team, and coincidentally, we had our semifinals that day, so I came to school all decked out in our team shirt and a black skort. I also had my cap on with my sunglasses, so I received lots of comments from my friends that I looked a bit different than usual. I was so happy to wear my golf clothes to school though, because they’re very comfy, and I felt the need to show off how much I love golf.” —Sienna Hwang, freshman

“My favorite day of Spirit Week was Jersey Day because I got to rep my favorite sports with my friends.” —Margaux Scandura, junior

“My favorite day of Spirit Week was definitely Cultural Day because it was really fun to dress up. It was interesting to see everyone’s cultures and it helped everyone feel like they were represented and united.” —Ibtida Khurshed, sophomore