Note to the Reader

Reading Time: 1 minute

Dear Reader,

After nearly a full year of in-person learning, it’s clear that the pandemic has changed Stuyvesant. While some of these changes have positively addressed issues Stuyvesant has struggled with for years, like increased awareness of mental health and actually functioning escalators, others show a declining level of involvement within the Stuyvesant community.

With past magazines such as “The Quaranzine” and “Undercurrents” tackling hard-hitting topics at Stuyvesant, we realized we wanted to solve our school’s engagement problem a different way: revitalizing the school spirit that was killed by the pandemic through a mix of lighthearted and serious articles. We want to define what Stuyvesant culture truly is, and how it may evolve in the future.

Our goal is to present a snapshot of the lives of students, teachers, and staff at Stuyvesant, all in an attempt to capture the LifeStuyle we live. So, if you’re curious about what Principal Yu really does all day or the hidden drug scene at Stuyvesant, read on!

We hope you enjoy.

—Momoca Mairaj and Maya Nelson