A Note to the Reader

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Dear Readers,

While the “real world” may seem distant to us as high school students, it won’t be long before we’re seated in front of a stack of papers wondering how we’re supposed to pay back our college loan—and why we were never taught how to. While Stuyvesant currently offers a personal finance course, there is only one section available and it is limited to seniors, meaning that only a small fraction of the student body receives the basis of a financial education.

In order to expand the educational opportunities at Stuyvesant, the Editorial Board has collected a variety of student voices and alumni anecdotes on how they would like to see financial literacy implemented in the Stuyvesant curricula. We’d like to extend a special thank you to Anisha Singhal for her exceptional and diligent work in organizing this project. We hope the administration will hear our concerns and consider placing more emphasis on such an essential topic that all students should be educated on.

—Momoca Mairaj and Maya Nelson