A Goodbye to Senior Seasons

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Issue 9, Volume 111

By Aki Yamaguchi 

Along with my fellow seniors, our time on The Spectator has come to an end, and has already been over for the sports teams we have come to love so much. Reflecting on my experiences, I have realized the opportunities we have lost this year and the memories that will never be made. I will always think back to playing one more game or having one more practice together. Being part of a team for any number of seasons leaves an impact on any athlete, who will never forget the camaraderie or simply the pure joy of playing. Even for me, managing basketball has been a place of connection where I could still contribute within the hard working atmosphere of a team. Calling on my comrades, here are some of the parting thoughts we leave in the absence of our sports seasons and reflections on what we will always remember.

“I felt like playing sports gave me a sense of purpose outside of my academic life at Stuy; sports gave me a chance to breathe and laugh [...] I’m devastated that we aren’t going to have a season because since freshman year, everyone waits for their senior year where they will be at the top of the game and can finally dominate in the sport they play.” —Isabel Leka, senior (volleyball, basketball, softball)

“[Though] I’m disappointed that we won’t get to continue our rivalry with Beacon and [that] all the progress we’ve made won’t be properly showcased, all we can do now is work with our younger players to make sure next year is as good as it can be.” —Luca Bielski, senior (baseball)

“The biggest thing I miss is my teammates, with whom I would love to have more meals and practices [...] I really wanted to play in the playoffs in my last year for both basketball and volleyball […] [I also] miss the team pictures, [which are] definitely one of the biggest highlights of every season.” —Nikkie Lin, senior (basketball, volleyball)

“Missing my senior year of high school sports is truly disappointing because this was the last chance for many of the other seniors to play competitively before going off to college. I will miss the weekend morning practice and the late night practice when the building is just silent.” —Nicklaus Yao, senior (badminton, basketball, volleyball)

“I was really looking forward to meeting new team members and going to competitions with my team [...] I’ll miss the chattering voices of my teammates intermingled with the clanking of swim lockers in the locker room—heck, I might miss even the gross titled floor [...] Above all of this, I’ll miss my team and Coach Choy […] [and] I’m glad I’ve made a lot of memories since I was on the team freshman year.” —Stella Oh, senior (swimming)