4 Ways the Minnesota Timberwolves Could Have Won the Western Conference Finals

If these situations occurred, the Timberwolves would’ve had a better chance at winning the Conference Finals.

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The Dallas Mavericks have beaten the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Western Conference Finals. After Game 3, it was clear that the odds were stacked against them versus the Dallas Mavericks. Although the Timberwolves won Game 4, no team in NBA Playoff history has ever come back from a three-game deficit. However, let’s explore some increasingly probable scenarios where the Timberwolves could’ve managed to turn things around and win the conference finals, whether or not they lose another game in this series. 

1. Luka Doncic gets invited by Nikola Jokic to Serbia 

NBA fans know that Jokic is a big fan of horseback riding, and perhaps he wants to invite the Slovenian Doncic to Serbia prematurely. Furthermore, Luka is getting homesick and wants to get away from Dallas, sick of the cowboys and cowboy hats. He wants to sit next to Nikola in his horse-carried stroller, leaving the Mavericks without their superstar. Jokic, A.K.A. The Joker, could be doing this to get emotional revenge on Anthony Edwards, allowing him to reach the championship finals and hopefully losing. A further possibility is if he invited the entire Mavs team to his ranch since they probably know how to do Western-Film-adventure-activity already.


2. Mark Cuban Makes A Stupid Decision 

Mark Cuban is currently the minority owner of the Mavericks after having sold a large share to Miriam Adelson, the current majority owner. However, he is still more commonly associated with the team, and with how well the Mavericks have done thus far, he would have decided to bench the entire starting lineup. I'm talking about Luka, Kyrie Irving, and the rest of the starters. The bench would’ve gotten the chance to shine and leave their warm seats to the ones who've been on the court for the past four games. Cuban could have done some "load management" for the team and given people a break, but don't doubt that the Timberwolves could come back! Anthony Edwards reportedly told his teammates after game three: "I think we can still win this one, guys". The belief was there, it's like somehow miraculously getting an easy test from your teacher after studying for three days straight (something I would never do). Perhaps, Cuban can convince Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, to extend the series to nine games because that will generate more profit. Cuban will bring out that Shark Tank heritage in him. 

3. Dallas, We Have A Problem

Anthony Edwards said he would be back for Game 6. What if he just shows up at the fifth, sixth, and seventh game on his own? Does Ant-Man have a chance? Can he find opportunity in the smallest spaces, just like this Marvel namesake? Perhaps Edwards develops rocket-like powers like his poster dunk in game 3, in which he reaches heights unknown to the common man, and even Victor Wembanyama (a seven-foot-tall phenom) or Ja Morant (a human jetpack in the NBA with behavioral issues). Every time Edwards lifts off from the ground, fire burns holes through the sole of his feet, and using the action-reaction law, the only thing we may ever remember from physics, we can conclude that he will become a supernatural being on the court soaring over men. Using these newfound abilities, Ant can boost the Timberwolves into stardom and the NBA finals in a 1v8. 

4. Most probable: Minnesota Blizzard. 

          Although it is May, the Minnesota cloud gods could come up with an insane weather pattern, sending down snow and hail just as the Mavericks fly into Minneapolis. This would have forced them to play in a small high school gym, jam-packed with the Minneapolis locals and high schoolers. The bleachers could be filled with people pelting snowballs at their opponents from the sunny South. People from Texas say “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!” while people from Minnesota day “DON’T MESS WITH MINNE-SNOW-TA!” Meanwhile, PE teachers at this random high school will watch and grade each player like the PE regents are occuring. “Whoa, Kyrie, what do you think you’re doing kid! First of all, where is your Timberwolves jersey? Second, six passes before shooting or driving to the basket! SIX PASSES! Is that too much to ask! I have to give everyone participation! Luka, you’re too slow to get back on defense! Wanna join our pacer test next week before you head to Cancun?” 

As we can see, the Minnesota Timberwolves could still have had a chance at winning the conference finals, no matter how improbable it seemed. Some people say the NBA is scripted, but perhaps Edwards was right all along, and he will write his own destiny.