Sophomore Caucus: Mahir Riki and Koey Ng

Reading Time: 1 minute

Record: 1.5

The pair have minimal relevant experience, and one struggled to describe even that.

Campaign: 2

They have a small Instagram account and a bare-bones website.

Platform: 2

The Riki-Ng platform is short on originality and detail.

The Riki-Ng ticket is fairly light on substance. Their policy proposals are limited in both number and originality and mostly consist of boilerplate caucus activities like newsletters. Virtual events such as video game tournaments are central to their campaign, but when pressed for details on what exactly the execution of such events would look like, they struggled to give satisfactory answers and did not appear to have given the matter much consideration. The candidates didn’t have great chemistry, and their relationship did not come across as one of two equal partners in leadership. When asked to describe their records, one of them had difficulty remembering what the main activity they cited consisted of, and neither had particularly strong credentials. In short, though the Riki-Ng ticket has no atrocious qualities, it is far from the sophomore class’s best choice. The Spectator is not endorsing it.